About Us

Welcome to Katelyn's Designs Applique and Embroidery!  Since 2005 we have been blessed to express our creativity through sewing, embroidery and several areas of graphic design at our home company, Taylortime, LLC.  In 2009, we started sharing some of our personal designs and Katelyn's Designs was born. Seeing our ideas come to life in machine embroidery designs and cuttable graphic designs and seeing what our many talented friends and customers do with our designs is so rewarding that we hardly feel like we're "working" some days!  We are excited to bring our family inspired (with 2 children and 4 grandchildren there's never a dull moment!) designs to you through Katelyn's Designs Applique and Embroidery.  We hope to get to know you and enjoy sharing our passion for applique and embroidery.

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